sarahlosesweightHi! My name is Sarah and I'm a 22 year old law graduate and Masters student from the UK.

Reached my goal weight of 140lbs in January 2014, having lost over 70lbs. My goal now is to get happy and fit ready for my wedding in July!

I post lots of pictures of food (because yum) and I do post bodies but I try to post bodies "in action" (i.e. exercising) and of all different sizes because inspiration comes in all shapes and sizes!

Ask me anything - I love meeting new people!

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Height: 5' 9'

SW: 15st 1lb = 211lbs (3/2012)
CW: 9st 9lbs = 135lbs

GW1: 14st 4lbs = 200lbs (5/2012)
GW2: 13st 8lbs = 190lbs (7/2012)
GW3: 12st 7lbs = 175lbs
Healthy BMI range (2/2013)
GW4: 11st 6lbs = 160lbs
GW5: 10st 10lbs = 150lbs (10/2013)
UGW: 10st = 140lbs (01/2014)

Lost so far: 5st 6lbs = 76lbs!
Left to lose: 0lbs!





I want you to imagine a ten year old version of yourself sitting right there on this couch. Now this is the little girl who first believed that she was fat, and ugly, and an embarrassment.

This is groundbreaking

this is my third time rebloging this today. this is so important.

I have goosebumps

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the first step towards confidence is not being afraid to be ugly

once you get over the fear of being unattractive and stop equating beauty with other good things in life (friends, love, happiness) it’s a lot easier to love yourself unconditionally

your job is not to sit around and be pretty and easy on everyone else’s eyes

your job is to do whatever the fuck you want and look however the fuck you want while doing it

This is how I got confident

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Sarah’s Hen Weekend!

So I thought I’d post a few pictures from my hen weekend. I’ve had such a lovely couple of days! I’m feeling very loved and spoilt :) My Maid of Honour arranged everything and it was a fantastic surprise!

So I got myself all ready to go by 10.30am on Saturday because I knew someone was picking me up…and my Maid of Honour turned up with an envelope. Inside was a riddle and I had to solve it to work out where we were going! I worked it out pretty quickly (she was relieved because she was wondering how long it would take me!)

So we drove to this park/lake where we used to go loads when we were kids, and when we got there she told me they’d set up a treasure hunt around the lake - so I had to follow the clues to find another clue and every clue came with an item of clothing/something I had to put on. By the end of the day I was wearing a veil, a sash, pink leg warmers, a whistle, an L plate and I had a shot glass on a chain around my neck!

That’s me finding a clue!

Me and my Hens part way through the treasure hunt (we stopped to drink wine and have some pictures taken!)

So you can get an idea of how ridiculous they made me look haha…

And at the end of the treasure hunt, I found my mum waiting with a picnic! It was set up so beautifully, with silly party games and lots of yummy food and she’d even picked wildflowers to put in little mason jars as decoration!

So we had lunch, drank pink champagne and then played the party games. There were pinatas that they’d made to look like my fiance, his best man and my brother! And they’d also brought loads of toilet roll to make wedding dresses out of in two teams. And then there was a game of hoopla they’d made with pink rubber gloves (but we picked those up and made our own version of the game!).

I was really touched by how personal everything was and how much thought and work had gone into it! They’d spent all day Friday hiding the clues and getting everything set up.

Then in the evening we went round to one of my bridesmaid’s houses for a big sleepover - complete with matresses all over the floor, all my favourite disney films, and a lady came round to do some spa treatments! I had my nails painted and an Indian head massage.

On Sunday morning we got up (very) late, went shopping and had a late lunch at one of my favourite restaurants.

10 days to go until the wedding, and I don’t know how I can top the fantastic planning that my maid of honour put into this weekend!

Not quite ready to go without the tank top under my crop top (plus its not that warm today) but its progress!!

Not quite ready to go without the tank top under my crop top (plus its not that warm today) but its progress!!

All ready for my mysterious hen weekend! All I know is I’m getting picked up in 15 minutes… I don’t even know who by!!

All ready for my mysterious hen weekend! All I know is I’m getting picked up in 15 minutes… I don’t even know who by!!


This is such an important yet underrated scene.

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This is so accurate.

accurate post is accurate.

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